The Coosa County Sheriffs Office Reserve Deputy Program is made-up of men and women from the local community that wish to serve their fellow citizens by donating their time and talents to the Sheriff’s Office. The men and women that make-up the Deputy Reserve Program have varied backgrounds and experience, but work together to augment full-time Deputies in providing Law Enforcement service to the citizens of Coosa County. 

Reserve Members serve in many capacities ranging from working uniform patrol, providing search and rescue assistance, managing special details as called for by the Sheriff, transporting prisoners and any other detail as called for by the Sheriff’s Office. Reserve Members must be available for call-out in times of emergencies or other situations which requires a short response time i.e. natural disasters, missing persons and any other type of calls as directed by the Sheriff.   

Reserve Members receive no financial gain for their service. Reserve Members must conduct 8 (eight) hours each month and/or 24 (twenty-four hours) of service per quarter. Reserve Members are required to receive continuous training throughout the year are required to qualify with their service weapon annually.   

Applicants will be responsible for purchasing their own equipment; with the exception of one uniform which will be purchased by the Coosa County Sheriffs Office. Firearms and ammunition must be approved by the Sheriff’s Office Firearms Instructor before use. Applicants must show proficiency and qualify with their firearm before being allowed to carry it on duty. Before carrying OC Spray or TASER, the applicant must be certified by the Sheriffs Office Instructor.   

Individuals interested in this program must meet certain requirements.  Applications are available only through active Deputies or Reserve Members who must be willing to sponsor the applicant.  The Reserve unit reviews all applicants and final approval is with the Sheriff.

  • Applicants must be 21 years of age.
  • Pass a mental evaluation.
  • Present a High School Diploma or GED.
  • Possess a current Driver's License.
  • Obtain a current Pistol Permit.
  • Have a High Moral standard in their community.
  • Be mentally and physically capable to perform Law Enforcement duties.
  • Have a clean criminal record.

The Coosa County Sheriff’s Reserve is under the Command and Direction of the Sheriff of Coosa County.