It is the policy of the Coosa County Jail that inmates will be entitled to visit with family and friends in a manner that will provide appropriate access to the inmates while at the same time provide appropriate security for the jail staff, visitors and inmates in the jail.  The following procedures will be used for inmate visitation with the public. 


  1. Visitation is a privilege which may be revoked as a disciplinary measure, or because the rules governing visitation are violated, or because the security of the jail facility requires that it be revoked.
  2. In the event of a jail emergency or some other event that could possibly pose a security threat to the orderly operation of the jail, regular visitation hours may be suspended by order of the Jail Administrator or Lieutenant.   
  3. Inmates shall be incarcerated for one week prior to visitation privileges.  This weekly period allows new inmates to become familiar with all inmate rules, to include those of visiting. 
  4. No physical contact visits will be allowed, with the exception of Attorneys and Law Enforcement and approved clergy and mental health personnel for the purpose of mental evaluations.  Special contact visits may be authorized by the Sheriff or Jail Administrator and will take place in an area and time designated by the Jail Administrator. 
  5. Inmates must submit a visitor’s list prior to visitation day. 
  6. Visits will be 15 minutes with a maximum of 2 visitors per week 
  7. Inmates and visitors will wear proper apparel. Inmates must be clean-shaven and dressed in Jail uniforms.  All visitors must dress in a conservative manner (No halter tops, short shorts, see-through blouses or any other revealing apparel is permitted).  Visitors not dressed properly will not be allowed to visit. 
  8. All visitors will sign in with ID verification, and out via the Jail Visitors Roster that’s posted at the dispatch window. Corrections officer will take this list and input the information into Southern Software System under the visitor log.  
  9. No person under the age of ten (10) years of age will be permitted inside the jail to visit an inmate unless the Sheriff, Jail Administrator or Lieutenant makes a special provision.  Any child (under age 16) must be accompanied by an adult.   
  10. All visitors entering the jail will be searched using the hand held wand.  All visitor personal items, such as bags or purses will be left in vehicles – not in the Coosa County Law Enforcement Center.  Refusal to submit to a search may result in the visitor being denied access to the jail either on temporary or permanent basis. 
  11. Visitors attempting to introduce contraband into the jail will be arrested and prosecuted accordingly.  Additionally, persons who is intoxicated or seemingly under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to visit an inmate and may also be subject to arrest. 
  12. Former felony inmates who have been released from jail or an institution during the last three years and/or persons presently under indictment for a crime and/or persons awaiting trial on bond from the Coosa County Jail will not be permitted to visit an inmate. 
  13. Packages from visitors will not be accepted.  However, the jail staff will accept money from visitors to be placed in an inmate account.  A receipt must be completed and given to the visitor for each transaction.  Only cash or money orders will be accepted. 
  14. Once a visitor has had the opportunity to visit with an inmate, that visitor must leave the jail.  Visitors will not be permitted to remain in the jail and visit with jail staff members or other inmates. 
  15. The jail staff reserves the right to remove any visitor from the jail and the jail grounds if that visitor creates a disturbance, refuses to abide by verbal orders from the jail staff, refuses to abide by the rules and regulations governing the jail, or in any other manner that jeopardizes the security or orderly operation of the jail. 


Following procedures apply on those visits of inmates held in general population.  Visitation of inmates in general population will be held in the inmate visitation room. 

  1. Visitation for inmates with the general public will be held each Saturday with specific assigned times for each cellblock.  The times are as follows: 

"A" Block    -    7 - 9  AM

"B" Block    -    9 - 11 AM

"C" Block    -    12 -2 PM

"D" Block    -    2 - 3 PM