We are committed to providing inmates with commissary services that provide superior support, fair prices and offer a wide selection of items that confirm to the jail's standards of safety and security. The Coosa County Jail contracts with Kimble's Commissary Services for commissary items approved for inmate purchase. Family and friend can use their JailATM™ service to send money and communicate with inmates. Visit their website at: www.kimblesinmatedirect.com.

Please note the following:

  1. Inmate Commissary is a privilege – not a right
  2. The Coosa County Jail uses a contracted 3rd party Vendor to provide Inmate Commissary Services
  3. The Coosa County Jail holds no responsibility for improper orders, delivery, or content of the commissary purchases other than distribution when delivered to the facility.
  4. THERE WILL BE NO CASH ACCEPTED FOR DEPOSIT INTO INMATE ACCOUNTS – all deposits must either be done at the Kimble Kiosk located in the jail lobby or online with the Commissary Vendor.

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