There are 4 types of Bail/Bonds that can be posted to get a family member, friend or loved one out of the Coosa County Jail. The Coosa County Sheriff and Jail Administrator strive to ensure that if someone has the constitutional right to a Bail/Bond that they are able post such Bail/Bond in accordance with the law. 

The Bail/Bond types with instructions are listed below: 

Cash Bond – If you wish to post a Cash Bond, you must go to the Circuit Clerks Office  (Mon-Fri 8am till 4pm) and place a deposit in the entire amount of the Bond. The Circuit Clerk will issue a receipt and when the defendant gets a disposition on his/her case the money will either be returned or placed against any accrued fines. 

Professional Bonding Company – You may hire a Professional Bonding Service to post the Bail/Bond. The bonding company must have current and valid business licenses required to bond in Coosa County. The Bonding Company may charge a fee and ask for collateral. The fees associated with the Bonding Company are not associated or regulated by the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office and cannot be negotiated by any staff member of the Sheriff’s Office.

Property Bond – You may place your property as collateral in the form of a property bond. Property bonds are accepted at the Coosa County Sheriff’s Office Mon-Fri 8am till 4pm. There are various rules that apply for a property bond to be accepted:

  • Commission Office.
  • The property listed must have an assessed value that is equal to or greater that the amount of the bond, and must not have a lien greater than the property value.
  • All persons listed on the tax assessment must be present to sign the bond, if a person is deceased a death certificate must be provided.
  • If property is in another county the bond must be approved by that County Sheriff’s Office and may be subject to their rules of Bonding. All property must be from one county, split bonds are not permitted.
  • Mobile homes in general cannot be used as value towards a bond.
  • You may not use your property if you are currently on a bond or have bonded more than 4 different persons other than immediate family in any one year.
  • You may not charge a fee to use your property on a bail bond. 

Property owners need to remember that by placing your property on a Bail/Bond you are guaranteeing the Court that the defendant will appear at the prescribed time. Failure to appear may result in a lien being placed against your property for the amount of the bond. 

Appeal Bond – After being sentenced and the defendant does not agree with the Judges final ruling, the defendant has 14 days in which to file for an appeal bond. To file for an appeal bond the defendant must request an appeal bond to the Circuit Clerk. The Judge with jurisdiction over the criminal case will then set a bond and the family members may post that bond at the Circuit Clerks Office (Mon – Fri 8am till 4 pm). 

June 21 2012, the State introduces a new law requiring a Bond Fee to be made for each individual bond in the amount of $35.00. When posting a bond in any of the forms listed above the family member must have with them a money order or cashier’s check made payable to the Coosa County Circuit Clerk in the amount of $35.00 for each charge that has arisen from different incidents. If a person is arrested and given multiple charges at the same time, one fee applies. If a person is arrested and later found to have an old warrant or arrested for multiple warrants then a separate fee must be paid for each charge.  

Family members and Property owner please understand that by signing a Consolidated Appearance Bond and a Lien and Affidavit of Sureties you are swearing that all information is accurate and if its later found to have been false you may be held accountable.